Hey i guess its time for an update not much going on i just got Wichita cause Emily`s cousin got married and Emily wanted me to go so ya since im wiped you all now how that went so i went down with her and her mom and we went shoping and then went back to the hotel and the next day was her cousins wedding and then after we went to her aunt and uncles to swim and sunday we went swiming in derby they have an awesome water park but ya there was alot of people and i got sun burn really flipin bad it sucks but i still had alot of fun but ya thats about all thats going on so im gonna stop taking up everyones time later

Showbread – Pachycephalosaurus

Good God, where does it end?

You have been waiting in line

To have a phone chord or a cable fed right down your throat

Don’t struggle or it will bend and be a waste of time

To drain the depth of you from somewhere there

You’ll only choke

What seems to be the problem? We can’t dig up anything

Only dust and spit, and some pictures of you

You’re choking on the wires and still trying to sing

It seems that no one could ever love you

As much as you do

Hey misses hopeless, the world will catch up

With your intrepidness, I hope you know this

There’s no one like you, it’s so oppressive

You can even spell your own name, how impressive

I want what I see, I want something shiny

I want the one who stand in front of the biggest crowds

If we are to be, there will be more eyes on me

There will be more for everyone to talk about

It all leads to me, independent and free

It all comes back to who will say what I want them to say

Not complicated, keep it simply stated

There’s only so much that I can understand

Before it’s all wasting away

But don’t forget I can have what I want

And I want to be everything and everywhere

Say I’m smart, say my skirt is so short

Say I’m different, say I’m one of a kind

If I’m on TV maybe you will love me

There’s not another reason I can find

And if you only reject, there’s still these tubes in my neck

There’s still cigarettes and four letter words

And I’m sure that you’ll pick such a plain jane

To think the world goes on without me just seems so absurd


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