Hey everyone thought it was time for an update im not going to cornerstone now cause i don`t have the money luckly alyssa got the tickets sold but ya today me and Emily went out and helped with the fireworks stand it was fun we priced things but ya next week alden me dylan and alot of other ppl are having a lan party which is cool cause we haven`t had one in a long time so yup thats all i`ve got fo an update hope you hate it 🙂

ps new song by UnderOath


Writing on the Walls

Maybe we,Why don’t we sit right here for
half an hour
We’ll speak of what a waste I am and how
we missed your beat again

I swear we need to find some comfort in
this run down place
To bridge the gap of this conscious state
that we live in
I’m short on time

How come you try and fit the shape of
what they tell you
But mostly what they show you
That brings us home
I pray for you to move on

At this rate we can’t keep up but I sure
can’t just sit still
I’m taking back all the things I said
Keep me filled in, I swear I’ll come

We walk alone back home

You’re almost gone and I’m ok to give you
time to be afraid
I still see your shadow but never your face
I remember your presence

I hope to God you come down
I hope to God you can feel this now
I know there must be some way out of
here and all of them will be waiting there


4 thoughts on “Underoath: Writing on the Walls

  1. Hey. I thought about going and workin on the fireworks stand but I didn’t lol but I never see you @ Higher Praise anymore I go every once in a while. But yeah figured I would comment since I saw you went to my site


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